Born and raised in West Baltimore, Dionne received an academic scholarship to attend Morgan State University where she majored in Marketing and graduated from the notable Earl Graves School of Business and Management. She dreamt of a big city job in New York. However, after graduation, she realized she had her own big city right at her fingertips.

For more than 13-years, Dionne Joyner-Weems served as the Vice President of Marketing and Community Affairs for the city of Baltimore. She has received numerous awards for her civic leadership, but it is her passion for the revitalization of Baltimore’s urban communities that keeps her mind constantly moving. Today, if she were asked, her proudest accomplishment is finding the audacity to use her love of storytelling to fuel Baltimore’s fastest social media movement, #MyBmore.

Marking her first year as an entrepreneur🎉, Dionne Joyner-Weems, Chief Energy Officer of the Audacity Group, has an "Aha" moment!🙌🏾

She is a woman of firsts, with a colorful energy that is unparalleled. This wife, mother of three, “40 under 40” award winner is credited for providing the marketing foundation of many of Baltimore’s largest and most engaging initiatives.

Light City Baltimore, #MyBmore, Baltimore Restaurant Week, Baltimore’s First Multicultural Campaign and Destination Guide, Baltimore’s Family Reunion Expo, Baltimore’s Legends & Legacies Jubilee, the NAACP 2017 National Convention, Baltimore’s first national destination video and many more.

Dionne shines bright as a bold leader and collaborator, motivating those around her with innovative ideas. Her undeniable passion has built bridges, launched successful campaigns and fostered a spirit of inclusion.

Now, as the Chief Energy Officer of the Audacity Group, Dionne continues to ignite bright ideas. Everyday she leverages her marketing expertise to support daring individuals, companies, and non-profits to bridge the gap between “where they are” and “where they want to be!”